Tying up loose ends

It has been a very busy month for Richard and I. On April 24th I raced St. Anthony’s Triathlon. It was not the race I was hoping for and I felt flat the whole race. The one positive is that I completed my first race in the elite division and felt I belonged there. Racing against the best in the sport was incredible.

A couple days after getting home from St. Anthony’s, I drove up to New York to visit friends and some old college professors. Richard and I then closed on our first home together on May 4th. The next week was graduation. We had family in town for five days to see me graduate from medical school and promote to Captain. It has been a long road, but I am so excited to finally start doing what I’ve been training to do for many years. I start residency June 3rd!


The week after graduation my mom and I drove to Knoxville to compete in the REV3 Knoxville Olympic Distance race. My stress from the previous weeks showed when I forgot to pack my sunglasses and bike computer. The sunglasses are actually a crucial part for me because otherwise my contact lenses dry out on the bike. A volunteer graciously lent me her sunglasses for the race – thank you Muna! I decided to not worry about the bike computer and just race off of feel.


I had an alright swim, but lacked focus in the middle and came out of the water two minutes behind the main pack. I knew I had a lot of work to do and decided to go for it on the bike. At the turnaround, I was about 90 seconds behind the next person. While I had made up ground, my legs were starting to feel the aggressive pace I set and I lost some time in the back half of the bike. On the run, I was making up time to the two girls ahead of me but I ran out of steam with less than a mile to go, finishing thirty seconds behind fifth. While I am nowhere close to the front of the races, I still feel that I belong in the elite division. I also have to remind myself that my progression will take longer due to my limited training time.

In two weeks I race Ironman 70.3 Raleigh, but in the meantime, Richard and I are moving house this weekend and I start residency in a week!


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