Monument Avenue 10k Race Report


I love the Monument Avenue 10k. There is always someone to race against, the crowds are great, and the course is fast. I went into the race with only two run sessions under my belt, and didn’t put any pace goals or restrictions on myself, mostly because I was unsure of how my body would feel. I am in the middle of my Surgery rotation, which has me gone from the house 4:30 am – 7 pm most days. My training is thus high in quality and low in quantity during the week. The early mornings combined with long hours on my feet seeing patients and in the operating room mean I am constantly tired.


I always start a few rows back from the front at Monument because I tend to get pulled out too quick. I went out strong but conservative, and settled in with a group at about 1 mile. Luckily, they were taller than me and sheltered me from the wind. We went through 5k in 18:57. I decided to see what I could do and picked up the pace. I got passed in the last mile by another female, but had nothing to react, and finished in 10th overall, 7th in the collegiate race. The 37:26 is a PR for me, but more importantly, I ran it during the busiest part of my year. I am very excited to see what I can do rested with some proper track workouts under my belt. I’m also excited for what this means for my run in a triathlon.

Shout out to my husband for having his first race back after injury, and thank you to US Military Endurance Sports and all the sponsors for the continued support!


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